Accidental spills?

Accidental spill? Don’t panic.
Fabagain Accidental spills?

OMG you’ve spilled coffee or a drink or wet food on your carpet or rug or couch and you’re worried will it leave a stain! Unfortunately it probably will, but there are ways to minimise most stains in an emergency. Of course, you need to call us to get rid of the stain for good but you can do something right now to help.

You might need white vinegar, paper or cloth towels, household ammonia, surgical spirits or detergent for wool, depending on what material you are cleaning and what you’ve spilled there. If you are cleaning up alcohol, tea, coffee or a liquid food then use detergent and a teaspoon of vinegar and paper towels or a cloth.

The first thing to do is to mop up any excess liquid. Blot it, don’t rub or scrub, and work from the outside inwords to reduce spending the liquid. Put it on the cloth not on the carpet or fabric and then use a hairdryer to dry it more quickly. If the stain persists, soak a towel in one part vinegar and four parts water and leave the towel on the stain overnight – weighed down with a heavy object – and clean again in the morning. Then call us.