Dangerous stain removers

The dangers of powerful stain removers
Fabagain Dangerous stain removers

If you spill something on your carpet or couch you might be tempted to reach for a so-called powerful stain remover. But stop. Are you doing more harm than good?

The first thing you should do is get rid of the excess fluid. Get a paper towel and dab the liquid up. The problem now is if you use a powerful cleaner on your delicate upholstery or carpet you can cause irreparable damage. So do not be tempted to reach for that gun as the harsh chemicals fade or burn the fibres.

Modern carpet cleaning products can cause colour loss leaving a faded patch of carpet where the stain used to be. The strong chemicals designed to lift the stain away from the fibres of the carpet can also lift the colours away and the damage will be permanent.

Carpet cleaners in a can or bottle can also leave a sticky moist residue behind on the fibres of your carpet which will attract dust and other dirt particles. Eventually the patch will turn darker with dirt. Yuk.

There’s a very simple way to deal with accidental spillages before they become permanent problems – call FabAgain™.