We’ve got rugs covered

Whether it’s a valuable oriental rug or a favourite hallway runner, the experts at FabAgain™ will bring it back to its former glory with care and skill.

From silk to wool, we clean and restore all sorts of rugs, in a wide range of textures, materials and finishes. We will of course take great care of your rug, testing our toxin-free, eco-friendly cleaning systems on small areas to make sure we get it absolutely right before we tackle the whole thing without damaging the fibres or colours.

Then, when we’re sure we have the right approach, materials and equipment at the ready, our specialists will make sure you’re glad you decided to make your rug fab again.

Keep the stains away with FabProtection™
The best way to prevent stains is to put a protective layer on your carpets, rugs and upholstery and the best protective layer is available right here, directly from us. FabProtection™ is our state-of-the-art fabric protection system that forms a stain barrier around the fibres in your soft surfaces to resist stains and help keep everything looking fabulous.