Testimonials - In other’s words

Here are just some of the glowing reviews and thundering testimonials from our happy customers:

Ruth McM, Naas

A fraction of the cost

“We were all set to replace the carpets downstairs but our neighbours talked us into trying an expert cleaning service instead. We did and for a fraction of the cost get the carpets looking like new.

Superb job.”

Conor P, Ballsbridge

A difficult mark!

“Someone spilled a cup of hot chocolate on the sofa and we couldn’t get the stain out. It’s bothered me for years so we finally got the pros in. Great job guys.”

Sonja W, Templeogue

Like new!

“They came and conquered – all of our carpets look like new again, even the heavy traffic ones near the back door. Thank you!”

Tim J, Greystones

Upstairs downstairs

“We have a rental property that every couple of years needs a thorough going-over and FabAgain are the guys we call to take care of it. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mary S, Ranelagh

Post party clean-up

“Our sons had what must have been a huge party while we were away for the weekend. It felt like the house had suffered a minor earthquake. The one rug we’d had for years and was sentimentally significant to us was ruined, or so we thought. FabAgain came in and sorted it and it’s even better than it was before the party. Didn’t cost the boys too much either.”

Stephanie H, Blackrock

FabAgain? Too right!

“When you consider the cost of replacing furniture versus making them FabAgain, it’s a no-brainer.”

Jack H, Wicklow

Suite job

“FabAgain completely restored my sitting room suite – a leather couch and two arm chairs. They look like new – thank you.”

Mike R, Tallaght

For the birds

“We have a large exotic bird who, unfortunately, escaped from his cage one night and practically destroyed the sitting room. These guys removed every trace and smell from the carpets, curtains, sofa and armchair. The insurance covered it, eventually, but even so it was worth every cent.”

Johnny L, Dundrum


“We never realised just how dirty the tiled floor in the kitchen was until FabAgain cleaned it and had it, well, fab again.”